What is PTC Site? “Paid To Click Sites” everything you need to know.

What Is PTC Site?

Paid to click (PTC) is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home.

PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers.

The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

The PTC model shares some similarities with pay to surf as both of these models utilize referral marketing as a promotional method.

Usually PTC are combined with a variety of additional ways to earn.

Such as completing surveys and simple tasks, playing games, shopping, etc.

Users can then redeem their earnings for cash through Paypal, Payza, Perfectmoney payment processors.

For every click will earn approximately from $0.001 to $0.01USD and $0.0001 to $0.005 USD Per Referral click.

How to earn without any investment?

Example: if a site pays $0.01 per click and $0.005 per referral click, and you click 5 ads per day, you earn $0.05 per day per site.

No need to create multiple accounts because this is useless.

You just have to get more referrals to have more clicks for you or sign up to other best paying PTC sites.

Opening multiple accounts per site per person is considered as cheating.

Your username will be placed in the hall of shame, your account and earnings will be deleted.

Bellow you can see a potential earnings if you have 100 referrals which is easy to get:

ad clicks earnings: 5 ads x $0.01 = $ 0.05 / day
your referral click earnings: 100 x 5 ads x $.005 = $2.50 / day
total earnings per day per site = $ 2.55
monthly earnings per site = 30 x $ 2.55 = $75
If you join just 10 best paying PTC sites, your potential earnings is: 10 x $75 = $ 750 / month

It is only in the PTC industry that you can find referrals for sale and they are very cheap.

Most PTC sites today offer conversion of your balance into referrals.

So, with zero out of the pocket initial capital, you still can achieve very realistic earnings of $ 400 a month.

This is an excellent Work at Home Program and earn money decently.

You can also advertise your products in PTC sites.

Although this estimate reflects your potential earnings, maybe more or maybe less, it is not a guarantee because referrals are people.

You can not forcibly command them to click the ads everyday.

PTC sites are a really lucrative business if you know how to work with them.

In recent 2 years 2017 and 2018, much of the PTC sites have added revenue-sharing packages.

When buy one ad-pack you get up to 140% return in 30-100 days.

Revenue shares ad-packs makes the ptc sites really profitables and also much more risky.

But if you use our best strategy in most cases you will be in profit.

This strategy works perfectly for us and we are in profit for over 90% of cases.

Note that there are a lot of New PTC sites come daily and more than 90% from them will stop pay and will go to SCAM soon.

Note this! NEVER invest what you CANNOT afford to LOSE in these programs!

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  1. Informative article. Now a days ,approx all people know about PTC sites but still there are many people who have no idea about PTC sites ,so this article ll help those people to understand.

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