1) Firstly, you need to create a separate email to work with, we recommend you to use Gmail.com. This email you will use to register accounts in investment projects and payment processors. You will be able to edit and use your investment portfolio table only with Gmail!




2) – Create accounts in the most popular e-wallets: Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney AdvCash. You can find instructions on how to do this here: “The most commonly used payment processors



3) You can load money into these payment processors with Bank transfer, VISA, Mastercard directly or use e-exchangers from BestChange.com



4) Before start investing you need to be aware of what are these programs, and how they works! You have to understand the risks. Read what is a “Revenue Share program”, “What is HYIP program”, and “Mistakes by investing in HYIPs“. 


5) Choose projects on the SOA Monitor blog In the Top projects🔥 section, we selected the best investment projects. And invest carefully by distributing your investment capital in many projects!  Diversity the investment capital is most important!

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